Gain enhancement of slot antenna

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Contoh Ringkasan Tugas Akhir | Antenna (Radio Contoh Ringkasan Tugas Akhir - Download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. co An Overview on Defected Ground Structure in Aspect of Among three methods DGS is very versatile, it is being used in various microwave devices in microwave amplifiers, microwave oscillators, microwave filter design and in microwave coupling to reduce coupling etc.

Gain Enhancement of Rectangular Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna Using ...

Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement of Rectangular Patch Antenna ... Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement of Rectangular Patch Antenna with Trapezoidal Slot for Wi-Max Applications written by Gitansh Gulati, Dheeraj Bhardwaj, Manan Dixit published on 2014/11/24 with reference data and citations Design and Performance Enhancement of Vivaldi Antenna The Vivaldi antenna is a special ind of tapered slot antenna (TSA), having an exponentially tapered slot profile. It is first recognized by Gibson in 1979 [1-3]. It is useful for wide-band applications [4]. This research focused mainly on miniature antennas with a low losses and high gain. The aim of this research

Metamaterial Superstrate Antenna Design with Gain Enhancement

Wideband gain enhancement of slot antenna using one A quarter-wavelength-thick unprinted dielectric slab is placed above a slot antenna to achieve high gain with a large bandwidth. By optimally truncating the high-permittivity superstrate to a small area of 2.25λ0 2, 8–10 dB enhancement in the directivity of the slot is achieved over a … Printed Wide-Slot Antenna Design with Bandwidth and Gain Feb 13, 2014 · Introduction. An optimum impedance bandwidth can be obtained by the coupling between the feeding structure and the slot [ 17 – 19 ]. A printed wide-slot antenna [ 17] fed by a microstrip line with a fork-like tuning stub provided broad bandwidth through the … Axial Ratio and Gain Enhancement of a Circular-Ring Slot Axial Ratio and Gain Enhancement of a Circular-Ring Slot Antenna Using a Pair of Asymmetrical Rectangular Slots and a Parasitic Patch for a Radio Beacon on a Nanosatellite Peberlin Parulian Sitompul 1,2,* , Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo 1 , Farohaji Kurniawan 3 and Mohammad Nasucha 1,4 Gain Enhancement & Comparison of Rectangular Slot Patch

% of gain improvement Antenna with Square patch (non complementary) EBG 5.1 45 Antenna with Square slot (complementary) EBG 7.4 Antenna with Circular patch (non complementary) EBG 6.7 25 Antenna with Circular slot (complementary) EBG 8.4 measured resonating frequencies that gain and radiation pattern are measured.

2D Gain Enhancement Based on Single-Layer SIW Corrugated ... Novel slot-array-based SIW corrugated technique is demonstrated to achieve 2D gain enhancement, namely, sharpening the beamwidths in both E-plane and H-plane. Compared to other metallic corrugated methods to realize 2D gain enhancement, the proposed design, with SIW grooves to reduce the beamwidth ... A Review on Gain & Bandwidth Enhancement Techniques of ... There are various Improvement of gain & bandwidth of type of feeding configurations are available some of microstrip antenna them are as, Microstrip line, coaxial probe, aperture The bandwidth & Gain of Microstrip antenna is coupling & proximity coupling. improved by using various type of techniques, which Also these feeding configurations are ... Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement of Rectangular Patch Antenna ...